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Centennial Hills Resident Set to Take Male Revue Show to the Next Level

 A former National Football League prospect has taken his life a completely different direction, dancing on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Centennial Hills native Chris Boudreaux, happy to be a part of Men of the Strip, refuses to conform to the stripper stereotypes. He’s not gay. He’s not down on his luck. He never feels objectified.

Read more in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Interesting Date Draws Couples for Marriage

Interesting Date Draws Couples for Marriage

Tuesday is a special day numerically and many couples will come to Las Vegas to tie the knot on 11-12-13.

The significant date will spell big business for the Las Vegas valley's wedding industry. Happy couples filed in and out of the marriage license bureau downtown Monday. Thomas and Anya have been preparing for this day for a while. They flew in family from Alaska, Oregon and Colorado.

"We picked the day about a year ago. We wanted consecutive numbers and we figured this year or next year were going to be out last chance to do that," Thomas and Anya said.

Weddings generate more than $500 million a year for Las Vegas. 

Slackline Record Set High Above Las Vegas Strip

Slackline Record Set High Above Las Vegas Strip

A breathtaking stunt took place 63 floors above the Las Vegas Strip Wednesday for the opening of the World Slackline Federation World Cup Finals.

Andy Lewis walked across a record 480 feet on a 360 foot slackline that ran parallel to the Las Vegas Strip, which was rigged from the top of Mandalay Bay's resort towers.

The stunt is the longest urban highline walk ever performed.

Slackline is similar to tightrope walking, but the line is not held taut instead there is slack, allowing the line to move more.  

The World Slackline Federal World Cup Finals is going on inside the Michael Jackson One Theatre Thursday.

At the same time Lewis was making his way across the slackline, other slackliners were performing ticks on slacklines rigged at the same height above the Strip.


Welcome Sign Will Soon Be Solar Powered

Welcome Sign Will Soon Be Solar Powered

The iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign is going green, not the color, but the concept.

The Clark County Commission voted Tuesday to allow a company to make the sign solar-powered.

In the presentation, Green Chips told the commissioners that installing the solar trees to power the sign will not cost the county any money.

Instead, the company will rely on donations from the Consumer Electronics Association and NV Energy, as well as, a grant from the Las Vegas Centennial History grant program.

The solar trees will be installed behind the sign. So, it will look the same as it did when it was first installed on the Las Vegas Strip in 1959.

There will be a public display explaining how the renewable energy system works. The solar power should be flowing to the sign by early next year.


Shark Reef Welcomes 2 New Dragons

Shark Reef Welcomes 2 New Dragons


The Shark Reef Aquarium welcomed two male juvenile Komodo dragons to its exhibit Friday.

The two dragons came from the Praha Zoological Garden in the Czech Republic. There are less than 5,000 Komodo dragons surviving in the wild today.

The new reptiles will join the male adult dragon currently housed at the aquarium; however, the animals will rotate being shown individually because they can be deadly to one another if kept in the same exhibit.

The dragons arrived in time for Endangered Species Day, a day created by Congress in 2006 to educate the public about disappearing animals.

The Shark Reef Aquarium is an accredited member of the Association of Zoo and Aquariums and has pledged to cooperatively manage, conserve and protect endangered species.

Caesar Augustus Welcomes Vegas Uncork'd

Caesar Augustus Welcomes Vegas Uncork'd


One of the most famous statues at Caesars Palace welcomed the annual Vegas Uncork'd event by donning an apron and chef's hat.

Caesars Augustus, which stands on the Las Vegas Strip, will stay dressed in kitchen attire throughout the four days of the festival which started Thursday.

Dozens of the best chef's in Las Vegas will be preparing intimate dinners, luncheons, special tastings and cooking demonstrations for the event sponsored by Bon Appetit Magazine.

There are also wine and spirits events. For a list of events and to buy tickets, go to vegasuncorked.com

Thunderbirds Fly Over Las Vegas Strip

Thunderbirds Fly Over Las Vegas Strip


The United States Air Force Thunderbirds put on a show over the Las Vegas Strip Monday.

The flight demonstration team stationed at Nellis Air Force Base flew over the Strip at about 4 p.m. to celebrate the arrival of the contestants for this year's Miss America Pageant.

The pageant is taking place at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.