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UNLV Names New Inductees into Hall of Fame

LAS VEGAS -- Five former UNLV athletes, the 1994 football team and the 1985 men's soccer team are among those who will be inducted into the school's hall of fame.

The group will be inducted on Oct. 1, which is the night before UNLV and the University of Nevada at Reno football game. The 2010 inductees include golfer Jeremy Anderson, soccer player Daniel Barber, softball player Julie Crandall, football player Nick Garritano and baseball player Ryan Ludwick.

The school's former men's tennis coach, the late Larry Easley, and longtime donor Bob Mendenhall will also be inducted. Also scheduled to be honored that night is former Rebel football player and current president of the Palms Hotel, George Maloof Jr., who will receive the inaugural Silver Rebel Award.

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County Officials Hear Proposals for Sports Arena

LAS VEGAS  -- Thousands of jobs and millions of dollars could come to the Las Vegas valley if an arena becomes a reality. Four proposals for state-of-the-art arenas were brought before Clark County commissioners Tuesday.

While each developer says their arena could attract sports teams or other big events, all of them would require some public money which is an idea county leaders aren't all sold on.

See the Arena Proposals

The projects would be located around Las Vegas Boulevard, with three proposed in unincorporated Clark County and a fourth proposed within Las Vegas city limits. County commissioners were told the undeveloped land has the potential to bring in millions of dollars for the Las Vegas economy.

UNLV Player Tests Positive for Banned Substance, Removed from Team

LAS VEGAS -- UNLV basketball player Matt Shaw has been kicked off the team after testing positive for a banned substance.

Shaw is a junior at UNLV and had one more season left with the team.

"I apologize to my teammates, my coaches and the fans. I am proud of the fact that I will earn my degree and am also proud of what we accomplished during my four seasons as part of the Runnin' Rebel program. I hope the fans will remember me for what I tried to give to this program and accept my apology," Shaw said in a statement.

Last season, Shaw averaged seven points per game and went with the team to the NCAA Tournament.

"He was going to be an integral part of our team next season. His teammates are disappointed as well, but they also understand that he has to take responsibility for his actions," said head coach Lon Kruger in a statement.

Floyd Mayweather Doesn't Mince Words

LAS VEGAS -- Some things are a sure bet in boxing and one is that champion Floyd Mayweather will throw a few verbal jabs as his opponent.

"There's a blueprint on how to beat Shane Mosely. He has five losses," said Mayweather. "Shane Mosely is a good name to have under my belt when I go down as the best of all time."

But can Floyd be remembered that way if he were to lose one?

"I don't think nobody has a chance to beat me," he said.

But if someone were to beat him. How would they go about it?

"There's no blueprint on how to beat Floyd Mayweather," he said.

Floyd, do you have any weaknesses?

"The thing about Floyd Mayweather is I do everything great," he said.

He doesn't do modesty so well, or timeliness -- arriving 90 minutes late to the workout. But then again, you don't become the best without thinking you're the best, and without looking your best.

Sportsbooks Pack in NCAA Fans

LAS VEGAS -- It started weeks ago with 64 teams and now, the NCAA champion was crowned. It came down to the wire and was decided by just two points. The game didn't disappoint -- for both the fans or the sportsbooks.

There was plenty of cheering and edge of the seat excitement as Las Vegas sportsbooks were packed with hundreds of fans from all over the country.
A few locals even headed to the Hilton to take in the championship match.

"It's a big game. You just want to get the atmosphere right," said Sam Chen.

For Chen, watching the game was only part of the fun. He also has big money on the line.

"I've got a couple of pot bets. I've got a couple of hundred dollars going," he said.

And Chen was far from alone. Several fans even packed the high limit betting cage to place their wagers.

"You have people putting $5,000, $10,000. A lot more than I do," he said.

More Homeowners Falling Delinquent on Mortgages

LAS VEGAS -- The number of Southern Nevada homeowners delinquent on their mortgage payments has climbed steadily for the past several months. In some cases, it's people just willing to walk away from their homes, and in other cases, homeowners are holding out hope that they will get a loan modification.

In any given neighborhood, chances are good that a homeowner is the process of walking away from their mortgage. In the past, five months was typically the longest a homeowner could stay in their home until the bank would come knocking. But that is no longer the case.

Nick Nolf with The Nolf Group has been in the real estate business through the boom, the bust, and now the slow turn-around.

Runnin' Rebels Return to Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- It was a pretty quiet welcome home for the Runnin' Rebels, but the players will be the first say they have the best fans around.

One true Rebel supporter was on hand to make sure the team knew, win or lose they are loved.

"Rebel fans are true at heart. We love our guys. We love our coach. We look forward to next year but we need fans out from the beginning to really help these guys out," said Musiette McKinney.

As the team and all their supporters got off the bus, the long day of traveling and the previous night's loss had visibly taken its toll.

But the team was still standing proud and says just getting to the tournament was a big accomplishment. Many say even in the light of the loss and having to say goodbye to two of their seniors, they're still optimistic for next year.