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Students and staff return to school Wednesday after pause

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- On Tuesday Clark County School District said 2,000 employees and students will not be coming back to school just yet on Wednesday, due to COVID concerns. However, 8 News Now found many who were going back to school soaking up the last day of the pause at local parks.

Pamela Sedacy tells 8 News Now she is sending her kids back to school Wednesday but still worries for their safety. "My biggest concern is sending them back to school because kids they take off their masks and cough on each other," Sedacy said.

Making sure students follow a strict mask policy is a top concern for parent Terrence Jones. "The only thing I can say is for teachers to make sure they stay within the policy, treat the kids like adults when it comes to those procedures," Jones said. ... Read More

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RTC bus driver arrested for sexual assault

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Las Vegas Metro Police have arrested a RTC bus driver who is now facing charges of sexually assaulting a woman who was a passenger on his bus. Police say the assault happened at the woman's apartment on January 6, 2022.

According to police, 44-year-old John James was driving his bus route on January 5 when he began talking with a woman sitting near him on his bus. When the woman left the bus, he also got out and was able to get her phone number.

The woman agreed to meet Johnson the next day for lunch at an In-N-Out near Serene and Eastern. The woman told police he then took her to his apartment where he pulled her into his bedroom and assaulted her.

Police interviewed the woman and Johnson and claim that Johnson could not keep his story straight. Police arrested Johnson and he now faces three felony charges including sexual assault... Read More

UNLV students return with no vaccine mandate

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Thousands of UNLV students returned to campus Tuesday for the spring semester. Despite a recent spike in COVID-19 cases and no vaccine mandate in place for students or staff, most were happy to be back.

There are still less people here with 40% of classes being held virtually.

Last semester there was a vaccine mandate, but lawmakers ruled it was only temporary, so there is no mandate this semester for students. Some students 8 News Now spoke with said it felt good to be back on campus and good to be out of the house. "Me and my family got the vaccine so i am all good on that," student Kian Dayrit told 8 News Now. "If people don't want to get it, that is fine it is up to them."... Read More

Teachers not sure 5-day pause was long enough as CCSD classes return on Wednesday

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Clark County School District’s five-day pause officially ends tomorrow when students return to the classroom.

Some teachers don’t think the pause was long enough. CCSD says come Wednesday, schools will open -- no virtual classes.

Many teachers say they have mixed feelings, some adding they feel those five days were not enough.

"I think it was a start,” said Luanne Wagner, a social studies teacher at Clark High School. “I think there's more work to be done.”

Wagner has been teaching for 24 years. She says CCSD needs to be listening to administrators, teachers and students.

"Back in the beginning, when we were out and we finally went back in, I know there were some schools -- especially elementary -- where we had the Plexiglas for the students,” Wagner said.

While some teachers still have that in place, there are others like Wagner who never had it in their classroom... Read More

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Mountain lion wasn't a new visitor to Las Vegas valley, wildlife official says

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- New information about the mountain lion that was shot and killed on Monday in the southwest valley: The Nevada Department of Wildlife says the mountain lion was tagged, meaning the animal was in the area before.

Its return is creating concern over public safety in the area where it was captured and killed, near El Capitan Way and Flamingo Road.

Wildlife officials said mountain lions are not rare this deep into the valley. As the drought continues, these wild animals will reappear in search of water and food. That’s what officials are worried about.

A Las Vegas family captured this video from inside their home after a mountain lion was spotted in their backyard.

After two shots, the game wardens where able to capture and kill the wild animal... Read More

I-Team: Nevada attorney general says phony electoral votes for Trump are on 'radar,' GOP remains silent

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- The Nevada Attorney General’s Office will neither confirm nor deny it is investigating fake electoral votes submitted to the federal government from the Nevada Republican Party declaring former President Donald Trump the winner of the 2020 election, but Attorney General Aaron Ford said the issue is on their “radar.”

In December 2020, the 8 News Now I-Team reported Nevada Republican Party’s six electors signed paperwork signaling their support for Trump in a symbolic ceremony devoid of any legal merit which was held in Carson City and coincided with the official state-sanctioned tally on Dec. 14, 2020.

A video of the event has since been deleted.

Last week, the I-Team received a copy of the fake certificates, which certified the state’s six electoral votes in the 2020 presidential election to Trump... Read More

RTC service impacted by driver shortage due to COVID-19 spread

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- The recent COVID surge is taking a toll on many local businesses. The Regional Transportation Commission isn’t immune as it struggles with a shortage of bus drivers.

RTC leaders are apologizing to passengers in advance for these delays. Unfortunately, RTC says these shortages aren't specific to certain routes as they struggle with how many drivers are available for the day.

College student Nyla Marquez already leaves her home two hours early to take two RTC buses to school.

With the recent delays, she’s worried about not making it to class on time.

"I wish they would have a better scheduling time I guess, and that they had more buses to fix the delayed buses, because it just feels like they're relying on one bus for one stop," Marquez said.

RTC Deputy CEO Francis Julien says a rise in omicron COVID cases is responsible for its

labor shortage... Read More