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Mirage’s Italian restaurant goes from good to great

A classic Italian place on the Strip has been transformed and improved. 

With Portofino and chef Michael LaPlaca, Mirage has one of the Strip's most exciting Italian restaurants.

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Strip Restaurant Buys Big Black Truffle

Strip Restaurant Buys Big Black Truffle

One of the best restaurants on the Strip has purchased the largest black truffle in Caesars Palace history.

Restaurant Guy Savoy received the fungus that weighs in at 1.17 pounds and measures 6 inches across. The previous record was held by a truffle that weighed just short of a pound.

The massive truffle was found in the Perigord region of Southern France. It will be used to create a truffle tasting menu that will be available at the restaurant through mid-March.

The Black Truffle Prestige Menu will be available for $420 per person with an available a-la-carte menu. Some of the menu items include the famed artichoke and black truffle soup, black truffle and mache winter salad and roasted squab, spaghetti squash and black truffle croquette.

Restaurant Guy Savoy is listed as one of the top 40 restaurants in America and it is on the Condé Nast Traveler Hot 100 list. 

Crush Pairs Refined Food with Welcoming Atmosphere

Restaurant reviewer says new casual eatery combines great food and great decor for a winning overall experience. 

Michael and Jenna Morton's new MGM Grand restaurant offers a full, festive experience.

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Celebrity Chef Given Key to the City

Celebrity Chef Given Key to the City

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay received the royal treatment as he opened his newest burger joint on the Las Vegas Strip.

It is his first location in this part of the country, and diners were lined up to see him Wedensday.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman and County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow presented him with a key to the city and proclaimed it Bobby Flay Day. This is Flay's 18th Burger Palace and the largest in the chain.

Flay admits he hit the lotto when he snagged this prime real estate nestled between the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino and City Center.

"People are just walking by, don't have to have reservation, don't have to think about, just inspired to come in," Flay said. "I feel lucky to have this opportunity."

The restaurant is what people in the restaurant business call fast casual. People can order, grab a seat and enjoy. There are no servers and most of the burgers are cost under $10.


Restaurant Reviewer: Top Chump

Restaurant reviewer John Curtas says "Top Chef" judge and celebrity chef's Tom Colicchio's new restaurant is not close to being worth the trip to the Strip. 

Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak was everything we thought it would be, and less. Calling it a copy of a copy is being kind.

We anticipated Craftsteak-lite — a typical, Vegas, force-fed “concept” operation, direct from an absentee/celebrity chef to the gullible hoi polloi — with lots of nods to overdone/outdated culinary signposts (Vandouvan spices! bone marrow!) and barely enough execution by union cooks to justify the shameless tariffs imposed.

To say it disappointed even on those terms is an understatement.

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Beautiful Renovations Completed at Wynn Signature Restaurants

Two restaurants at the Wynn Las Vegas were recently renovated.

Paul Bartolotta didn’t even want a new restaurant. As anyone who has dined at his incomparable Bartolotta Ristorante Di Mare at Wynn Las Vegas would attest, no change was necessary. In fact, it would seem impossible to make improvements.

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Batali's Burgers Hit the Mark at New Venetian Eatery

Restaurant reviewer gives high marks to celebrity chef Mario Batali's new burger restaurant.

Celebrity chef burger joints are spendy, but the food is light years ahead of its cheaper fast-food counterpart.

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