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Silverton Having Trouble Finding Employees | News

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Silverton Having Trouble Finding Employees

LAS VEGAS -- It's an unusual problem impacting a Las Vegas resort -- having dozens of job openings but no one to fill them. The Silverton Casino has been trying to fill more than 35 positions, but are not having any luck.

It sounds so unbelievable, but Silverton President Craig Cavileer says it's real. Right now, they have several openings including servers, managers, table dealers, and even engineers, but unlike the bigger mega-resorts, the Silverton can't seem to find what they're looking for.

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"We even went to our casino database, which is really unusual, and sent out a blast that said refer a friend to the casino that you have already shown loyalty to," said Cavileer.

Aside from not passing background checks, Cavileer said one of the problems they're seeing is a struggle with schedules. Many applicants want part time work because they are not willing to give up other part time jobs they already have. That, in turn, makes scheduling hard.

Also, he says the Silverton does not have the ability to train from the ground up, so they depend on people with previous casino experience. He says many qualified individuals have taken jobs at bigger casinos on the Strip.

But several unemployed people say they are willing to take anything. Shar Downs worked as a card dealer for 22 years and can't land a job.

"The problem now is that a lot of these places want the party pit girls, so that makes it tough. So they don't care so much for experience as they do the party pit outfits," she said.

The Silverton says their standards are not outrageous. They've even relaxed a little bit on requirements. For example, in the past, it was impossible to get a cash handling job if you had a bad financial history, like a foreclosure. But due to the economy, they are willing to still give those applicants an opportunity.

Surprisingly, some job seekers had not heard the Silverton was hiring and they are immediately going to apply. They said they have no hesitation, even if this is a smaller property.


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