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Conflicting Reports on Harmon Tower's Stability | News

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Conflicting Reports on Harmon Tower's Stability

LAS VEGAS -- New pictures from inside the troubled Harmon tower are the main exhibit in the case against the construction company behind the troubled tower.

The CityCenter condo tower could collapse in an earthquake, according to an engineering report done by a California company for MGM Resorts International.

Clark County Commission Chairwoman Susan Brager wants to know how many other high-rise projects were signed off by building inspectors which may have issues. The Harmon tower controversy could be the beginning of a wider investigation.

New pictures taken by building inspector Walter Moore and released by Clark County claim to show major construction defects inside Harmon tower. They're labeled as "missing column ties", "excessive concrete cover" and "metal stirrups not touching vertical bars." To be clear -- the holes seen inside the concrete were created during the examinations.

There is now a battle between engineering reports, one saying it can withstand an earthquake without collapsing, another stating it would be in danger of total collapse.

Even though Harmon tower is unoccupied, Clark County expresses concern in the latest report that if a collapse happens, it could injure pedestrians on a nearby pedestrian bridge.

"It might be that we have to assess what's near that building? How do we protect the public?Does it have to be cordoned off? What are the situations that would make it and deem it completely safe?" said Susan Brager, Clark County Commission Chairwoman.

She says will demand further information about Harmon's inspecting company, Converse Consultants.

"I'm going to get a report on how many buildings did they work on? What were their assessments and how did they happen? We'll have that in the next few days," Brager said.

MGM Resorts International declined to go on camera but did release a statement saying they will meet an August 15 county deadline to draft a repair plan.

Perini Construction says they will not have additional comment until the end of this week. On Tuesday, they said their engineers say Harmon tower can be repaired and they have a plan to do so quickly.

A delayed lawsuit prevents both sides from touching the tower. The pictures in the report could be one of the last looks inside what was supposed to be a $279 million, 48 story condo tower in the front of MGM's CityCenter.

8 News NOW has requested the list of other high-rise projects inspected by the same team that is under scrutiny at Harmon tower. Clark County says it will take some time to compile that information. Again, Brager plans to demand that list at the next county meeting.


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