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Fight crowd around MGM Grand expected to be bustling | News

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Fight crowd around MGM Grand expected to be bustling

LAS VEGAS -- The streets outside the MGM Grand are teaming with fans for Saturday's megafight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

Fans of both fighters are trying to get close to the action even though many of them do not have tickets to the fight.

"Everyone has their day. I think today Pacquiao's going to have his day and Mayweather is going to be humbled today," said Pacquiao fan Raudel Flores.

Fans of Mayweather had there opinions as well.

"I'm tired of him pretending that he's so positive. You're talking about my man, you know, money. Money never lost. You can't talk bad about someone who never lost," said a Mayweather fan.

A lot of money is expected to be brought in from the fight.

A man was spotted selling unlicensed Money Team apparel and was shut down by undercover Metro Police officers.

Nissan Cotton said he made about $3,000 selling hats before his illegal business was shut down.

"All of the casinos are making money. All of the hotels are making money. All of the street vendors are making money,” said Cotton. “It just doesn't make sense that they'd take people's merchandise."

The south end of the strip is expected to have a lot of traffic before and after the fight from both cars and people. MGM said they would remove loiterers from the property if needed.


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