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Business owner raffles off fight tickets for good cause | News

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Business owner raffles off fight tickets for good cause

LAS VEGAS -- It's a fight in itself to get a ticket to the fight of the century, but one local businessman was able to snag two tickets for the big boxing match on May 2 between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.  He's using them to help someone in need.

For tickets that are going for thousands of dollars at face value online, someone may be lucky enough to get one for $20.

Jaysee Lopez decision to raffle off two tickets to watch Pacquiao and Mayweather duke it out started with a small idea for a big cause.

"It's crazy man. It's still surreal like those tickets are fresh. I didn't think we'd pull it off,” Lopez said.

Lopez is raffle off the most sought after tickets because he's trying to raise money to help, Christopher Giel, a valley resident in need a heart transplant. Lopez said he met Giel at his Urban Necessities store.

Giel has an enlarged heart and needs a heart transplant.

"I really don't know him that well, and for him to do what he's doing is amazing. I wish there were more people like him,” Giel said.

"This just felt right and had to be done. We weren't' going to take no for an answer,” Lopez said.

Lopez received the tickets just days before the highly anticipated boxing match.

"We put in every dime we had to get these tickets,” Lopez said.

He said he found them being sold online from a local seller who was getting a lot of offers.

"Some people threw out some offers, but I'm just playing the field seeing what else I can get,” said Evan Coleto, ticket seller.

However, Coleto said when he heard about the Lopez's idea he sold the tickets to him for way less than he might have gotten from other buyers.

"You know I've been in tough situations before, so I thought I'd give back,” Coleto said.

The Urban Necessities team says as they work to sell raffle tickets; they have high hopes in making life a little easier for a man who's fighting to stay alive.

"Whether it's a dollar, a hundred or a thousand to two thousand dollars -- whatever the number is -- it's still more than he had yesterday,” Lopez said.

Anyone interested in purchasing raffle tickets you can buy them at Urban Necessities located inside of the Boulevard Mall.  For more information, call 702-826-2286 or visit the store's Facebook page here.

The winners of the tickets will be announced Friday night at the Boulevard Mall.


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