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Anti-violence groups appalled Mayweather was never suspended | News

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Anti-violence groups appalled Mayweather was never suspended

LAS VEGAS -- Anti-domestic violence groups are appalled with the lack of accountability towards Floyd Mayweather and his violence towards women.

The groups are bringing up the fact that Mayweather has been convicted for domestic violence five times, but has never been suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Mayweather served 60 days behind bars for his crimes.

Nevada has recently ranked highest in the country for domestic violence deaths. The anti-domestic violence group, Safe Nest, is pointing out that the state's biggest star has a history of abuse and has never been suspended from the ring.

"It's disappointing," said Amber Batchelor of Safe Nest. "I don't think at this point anything could be done at this late date. Not only because the fight is in five days, but because he has had five convictions."

Safe Nest provides shelter and counseling to victims of domestic violence. Victims have expressed their disapproval of seeing Mayweather represent their city.

"They are appalled at the lack of accountability," said Batchelor.

8 News NOW reached out to Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Bob Bennett. When asked to speak about the topic just days before the fight, he said the timing was not good.

"I don't necessarily agree with that," said Bennett. "To bring that up before a mega fight in the fight capital of the world is inappropriate and unfair."

Bennett wants to wait until after Saturday's fight to discuss why Mayweather has never been penalized.

He referenced a state law that says a fighter could lose his license by violating Nevada laws beyond a minor traffic ticket. Mayweather has 5 misdemeanors.

Safe Nest thinks the money to be made from superstars like Mayweather and the fear of unveiling what happens behind closed doors hurts the city's image.

"It's disappointing that they wouldn't even go on record with you to speak about it. Unfortunately that too sends a message. And not a good one," said Batchelor

8 News NOW called and texted CEO of Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe for a statement, but have not heard back.

A group that seeks to shed light on athletes off-the-field or out-of-the-ring actions called Hold Athletes Accountable, says it plans to stage a rally against Mayweather at Friday's weigh-in.


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