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Wet weather drives up valley wrecks to near 300 | News

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Wet weather drives up valley wrecks to near 300

LAS VEGAS -- When it rains in Las Vegas, you can bet there will be numerous car crashes. Nevada Highway Patrol and Metro responded to nearly 300 wrecks on Sunday.

There were nearly five times the number of crashes on an average Sunday. None of those crashes resulted in a death.

"We need people to slow down, we need them to give themselves more room to stop their vehicles in between the vehicle in front of them and speed is just a huge factor," said NHP trooper Chelsea Stuenkel.

One of the worst crashes involved an NHP trooper who was inside his squad car on the southbound lanes of US95 investigating another crash when his car was struck by two other vehicles.

All three people involved, including the trooper, were taken to the hospital. The trooper was later released.

"It can be very dangerous, very scary," Stuenkel said.

There are laws to prevent those kind of crashes. The Move-Over law requires drivers to slow down and change lanes to give law enforcement safe clearance. It's designed to keep officers safe as they investigate accidents.

"I think it's safe because you don't want anyone else to get hurt, but then again you have got to look out for yourself too," said driver Cody White.

Some drivers didn't know that they can be cited if they don't move over, or that they can be cited driving the speed limit in the rain.

"You can be going the speed limit and still be cited, if the conditions require you to go slower than the speed limit," Stuenkel said.

Many of the drivers who crashed on Sunday were also ticketed to add insult to injury.

"We can pull them over, they can be issued a citation," Stuenkel said. "It's a pretty heavy fine and demerit points against their license. That's if they're lucky and don't hit an emergency vehicle like yesterday."

The most recent incident were there were a lot of crashes was on I-15 near Moapa over the summer when flooding washed away part of the freeway. There were 250 wrecks in a 24-hour period.


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