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Goodman shares 2015 plans for Las Vegas | News

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Goodman shares 2015 plans for Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman delivered the annual State of the City Address Thursday evening. The speech detailed the mayor's vision for Las Vegas in 2015.

The year 2014 saw a lot of accomplishments for Las Vegas. The F Street underpass opened to the historic Westside near downtown, and there was a record number of tourists who visited the downtown area.

Even with those major accomplishments, the Mayor said there's still more that needs to be done.

"We need to create new intrigues and new reasons to entice tourists to come here. We have to do this because simultaneously, every other state in this country, those with and without gambling are competing vigorously to capture the same tourists that we seek, along with the same businesses, conventioneers, and investors that we want,” said Mayor Carolyn Goodman, City of Las Vegas.

Goodman went on to say there are positive signs that the Las Vegas economy is climbing out of the recession. For instance, the massive Sky Canyon housing development in the northwest valley, as well as promising signs in all six wards throughout the city.

“Each ward is finally, seeing signs of recovery from the recent devastating recession, and all of them have continuing plans -- big ones for 2015,” Mayor Goodman said.

The mayor also outlined several other items that she wants to accomplish in 2015:

  • Affordable and easy access to healthcare
  • Promote and encourage cultural showcases like the Smith's Center
  • Improving infrastructure

However, the Mayor said her top priority for the new year was public safety.

Mayor Goodman has also been a supporter of the proposed downtown soccer stadium project. While a deal is on the table, its future remains uncertain.

Wednesday, the Las Vegas City Council voted against putting an advisory question about the project on the June municipal election ballot.

Last month, city leaders approved a deal between the city and the Findlay Sports and Entertainment Group and the Cordish Companies.

The city will be responsible for $25 million of the $200 million stadium through an existing room tax. The developers will be responsible for the rest.

The project will only break the ground if developers secure a Major League Soccer team.


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