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Football Fans Flock to Las Vegas | News

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Football Fans Flock to Las Vegas
Football Fans Flock to Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- Super Bowl fans packed casinos, restaurants and sports books on the Strip.

Before the Super Bowl action even got started on the field, fans packed every nook and cranny in preparation for the big game.

Bars all around town were at max capacity, but none like those on the Strip.

The final minutes of the Super Bowl included plenty of nail biting moments but, we all know how it ended, with the Ravens coming out on top.

"It was a great game. I thought it went back and forth both ways very well, but ultimately, I think the best team won," said Chris Olmstad.

It's not just those sporting purple and black who walked away content. Even some 49er fans were just happy with the ambiance.

"The atmosphere is brilliant, it's something completely different from England," said Daniel Wesley.

"It's a fantastic experience I wouldn't have chosen any other place to be tonight to see the game," said Shelly Wira.

At the Harley Davidson Café, operations manager Jerry Rafdis said the Las Vegas experience generates much of their business.

Plenty of other hot spots offered great packages to lure in customers, making the experience worth the trip for many.

"I'm loving it, it's the highlight of my night after spending more than 8 hours trying to get to Vegas," said Wira.


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