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Bowl Games Generate Big Bucks for Sportsbooks | News

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Bowl Games Generate Big Bucks for Sportsbooks

LAS VEGAS - Leaders at the LVH Race and Sports Superbook say the bowl season can generate around $80 million worth of bets in Nevada. 

"It's like mini NFL Sundays throughout this entire period," said LVH Sportsbook Director Jay Kornegay. "The old days on New Year's Day, they scheduled 17 to 20 games on that day, but now they did us a favor. They've isolated these games, and they run from December 15th all the way to the championship game."

Kornegay says sportsbooks see more action on the day when Las Vegas hosts a bowl game. He estimated the MAACO Bowl between the University of Washington and Boise State would generate about $2 million in bets.

Bettors at LVH Saturday said they prefer bowl season to the NFL season.

"People are more into it, because there are rivalries all over the United States," said bettor Andre Freeman.

Even if they don't want walk out winners, it can still be fun to put some money down.

"It's one of those things, it's 15 dollars to go to a movie. You know what I mean? You come here for a day and do it. You win one. You lose two. You still had a good day," bettor Vaughn Corley said.

While this is a busy time for sportsbooks, the entire bowl season doesn't even match the $90 million worth of bets put on the Super Bowl every year. 


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