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Gaming Revenue Down on Las Vegas Strip | News

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Gaming Revenue Down on Las Vegas Strip
Gaming Revenue Down on Las Vegas Strip

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas and gambling have been synonymous for many years, but things may be slowly changing. More tourists say they are spending less on gaming, and more on other forms of entertainment.

"Not anytime did we spend much money gambling," tourist Richelle St Croix said.

New numbers from the Nevada Gaming Control Board show the state's gaming revenue falling by 10 percent in May when compared to the same month last year. The Las Vegas Strip was hit even harder with an 18 percent decline.

"I don't like to gamble and I don't like to waste my money," tourist Nate Friesen said.

One gaming expert says he's are not surprised.

"This is something we see across the state but especially on the Strip," said David Schwartz, UNLV Center of Gaming Research.

"A lot of it was driven by a drop of baccarat play and high-end gambling which declined, but also a weakness in slot plays," Schwartz said.

With a record number of 40 million visitors expected this year in Las Vegas, where are they spending their money?

"It was to see the city, the hotels the shows," said tourist Jared Rowcliffe.

"We went to the Grand Canyon yesterday," said Friesen.

Recent Las Vegas advertising campaigns are playing up shopping, dining, and shows, which is entertainment away from the casino tables.

Even so, that doesn't mean gamblers are out of the picture altogether. Gaming revenue in downtown Las Vegas was only down 2 percent and Laughlin has a good month with a 20 percent gain in May.



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