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Sportsbooks Weather Year's Slowest Day | News

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Sportsbooks Weather Year's Slowest Day
Sportsbooks Weather Year's Slowest Day

LAS VEGAS - The day before the MLB All-Star Game is traditionally the slowest day of the year for Las Vegas sportsbooks, but sportsbook operators say better days are on the horizon.

"This is the slowest day in sports for the entire year," said LVH Sportsbook Director Jay Kornegay.

With the baseball all-star break, the lights on the boards are almost completely dark. There are no baseball games, no WNBA games, and no golf to bet on.

"We only have a couple of betting events that are taking place today, and they're not really marquee events when you're talking about the home run derby and the NBA Summer League," Kornegay said.

Some of the empty seats in the LVH Sportsbook will fill up Tuesday when the actual MLB All-Star Game is played. The sportsbook, however, isn't totally dead. A few people are betting futures.

"It's slow on this side definitely, but we've been working ahead toward the football season and even though the counter is kind of slow, the back room is quit busy," Kornegay said.

The back room is busy, because football is king. Behind the scenes, sportsbook operators are scrambling with football related odds. The LVH rolled out their NFL Super Contest and started taking entries Monday.

"Football is king," Kornegay said. "Americans just love betting football, and they look at it year round."

Today's crickets will soon give way to cheers and jeers from football fans when the regular season starts in September.


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