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County Bans Vendors on Las Vegas Strip | News

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County Bans Vendors on Las Vegas Strip

LAS VEGAS -- The Clark County Commission has passed an ordinance banning people from conducting business in a public right of way. The ordinance is targeted at people dressing up in costume and selling pictures on the Las Vegas Strip.

The new ordinance makes it illegal for a person to "sell, peddle, offer to sell or solicit for sale by offering or displaying any merchandise, goods, items, wares, or services on any improved or unimproved portion of a public right-of-way." 

SLIDESHOW: County Bans Vendors on Las Vegas Strip

Street performer Angel Figueroa said he is using the money he makes from tourists to attend school to become a mechanic.

"We're not here to make problems," he said. "We're here to have fun and make our day and bring something back to the house."

Jason Sukrun spends his days selling water to tourists.

I'm just trying to do something and do it honest," he said. "The economy is bad. I cant get a job here."

The ordinance was proposed after a study showed significant litter, graffiti, pedestrian safety and commercial activities taking place on the Strip. The study proposed the county enact an ordinance making commercial activity on the sidewalk illegal.

New Jersey visitors Angela and Michele Briddle said the peddlers make them feel unsafe.

"The water (bottle) thing is a little iffy for me," Michele Briddle said.

The ordinance also prevents others from operating without a business license.

"This will actually help folks not get citations," county commissioner Chris Giunchigliani said. "(It) will make it easier for our officers to not arbitrarily singling anyone out."

Smut peddlers will still be allowed to hand out their cards because, although some find the cards offensive, they are not asking for money.


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