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Top 8 Gaming Winners in Las Vegas | News

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Top 8 Gaming Winners in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS -- Anyone who gambles by the rules should know that the house always has the advantage, but the monthly reports produced by the Nevada Gaming Control Board show that the casinos have a much bigger edge in some games and slot machines than others.

For the 12-month period from April 1, 2011, through March 31 this year, these were the eight biggest winners for Clark County establishments with non-restricted gaming licenses:

1. Three Card Poker -- As described on Mandalay Bay's website, this is really two games in one. The player, dealt three cards, can make one wager in hopes of having a pair or better and another in a heads-up match against the dealer. The casinos raked in a win percentage of 30.7, good for nearly $141.3 million. That was a 14.2 percent gain from the prior year.

2. Sports Parlay Cards -- Fans who enter sports books often fancy themselves as walking encyclopedias of knowledge when it comes to professional and college football and basketball and other sports. Many play parlay cards, which allow them to combine multiple games on a single ticket for the chance to win big if all their selections succeed. But casinos ate up the parlay card action, earning a win percentage of 28.1, translating to a gain of nearly $12.3 million. Still, that was 12.3 percent lower than last year.

3. Keno -- The numbers game that can be enjoyed from virtually anywhere in a casino translated to a 27.7 percent win for gaming establishments, good for $21.1 million. That was a mere 2.9 percent better than the prior year.

4. Let It Ride -- As described on the Venetian's website, this variation of five card stud poker requires players to make three equal bets in return for three dealt cards while the dealer places two community cards face down. After looking at their cards, players may ask for one of their bets back or "Let It Ride." After the dealer turns up one card the players may ask for their second bet back or "Let It Ride." After the second card is turned over, the players must have a pair of 10s or better among the five cards to win money. This game handed casinos a 23.5 win percentage, good for nearly $40.9 million, though that was down 3.2 percent from a year ago.

5. Pai Gow Poker -- Each player and the dealer gets seven cards from a 53-card deck that includes a joker. The players then create five-card and two-card hands that both must beat the dealer's hands to win money. Casinos scored with a 20.4 win percentage, good enough for $87.2 million, or 3.7 percent better than the prior year.

6. Roulette -- Players can sit or stand when they play this popular wheel game. They can play odd or even numbers as well as colors. But play also requires the precise placement of wagers. The game earned casinos a 15.7 win percentage and nearly $309.5 million in revenue, up 4.5 percent from the prior year.

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7. Race Book -- Horse and greyhound players can bet on races throughout the country, enjoying the action on big screens or private monitors. There is plenty of yelling and screaming as the winners cross the wire, but there's a lot of moaning, too. The race books tallied a 15.2 win percentage, good enough for nearly $52.3 million but 4.1 percent lower than the previous year.

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8. Baccarat -- This is the game that attracts the deep-pocketed whales, often conducted out of the view of most other casino guests. The player bets on one of two hands, with a score of nine representing the highest hand. This game translated to a 12.6 win percentage for the casinos, good for $1.3 billion in revenue and a 19 percent gain over the prior year.


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