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Employees Accuse Roy Horn of Sexual Misconduct | News

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Employees Accuse Roy Horn of Sexual Misconduct
Employees Accuse Roy Horn of Sexual Misconduct

LAS VEGAS -- Private details about Las Vegas entertainer Roy Horn - of Siegfried and Roy - are being made public. Four former caretakers are suing Horn for sexual misconduct. Their attorney says graphic video shows Horn's behavior was aggressive and "animalistic".

Siegfried and Roy made showbiz history for more than 30 years with their trademark white lions and tigers. They were the single most-successful Las Vegas entertainment attraction until October 2003 when a tiger mauled Roy Horn during a performance. Horn suffered devastating injuries.

Now, the 67-year-old Horn is fighting to save his reputation. He is accused of bad behavior off stage. Attorney Andrew Rempfer represents four men, all immigrants, who cared for Horn at Siegfried and Roy's "jungle palace" compound near Rancho Drive and Vegas Drive.

"They have accused him of vicious, animalistic-type sexual assault," Rempfer said. Rempfer says graphic video shows Horn's behavior was aggressive toward the men. TMZ.com broke news about the once-secret content of the videos, which were recorded two years ago.

"Video of him in his bed, forcing people toward him for various sexual acts," Rempfer said. "There were videotapes of him in a very large, what appears to be sort of combination bathroom/waiting salon area where he's either - there's no other way to put it - partially naked and completely naked and requesting certain things be done. Let's put it that way."

One video clip shows Horn reviewing surveillance video in his home. Rempfer says the video proves Horn knew cameras were always rolling. "The videotapes were requested by Mr. Horn to ensure his medical safety while he was moving about his own house. He confirmed he wanted the house taped," Rempfer said.

Rempfer said Horn's legal team is demanding the videos be returned based on employee confidentiality agreements, but Rempfer believes they will all come to light eventually in a court of law. Rempfer declined to allow 8 News NOW to view the videos Thursday afternoon.

Calls to Roy Horn's public relations representatives and his attorney seeking comment were not returned. The matter is set to go on trial at the end of next summer.


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