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Alleged Casino Robber Had Little Chance of Success | News

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Alleged Casino Robber Had Little Chance of Success

LAS VEGAS -- The search continues for two men involved in a plot to steal thousands of dollars in chips from the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. Twenty-four-year-old Michael Belton was the only one who didn't get away after he was wrestled to the ground and arrested.

Belton faces felony charges of robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, and burglary. According to police, Belton and another man only identified as "Carlos" wore wigs and sunglasses when they pepper sprayed a high-stakes blackjack table and ran off with 23 chips worth $5,000 each.

Casino employees eventually tackled Belton to the ground and recovered all the chips, but "Carlos" got away. Belton told police the met the third suspect named Carlos Rodriguez through CraigsList.

According to the police report, the plan was for Belton and Carlos to exit the casino and discard their disguises to blend in with tourists. Belton told police he knowingly took part in the heist because he's unemployed and his grandparents are sick.

Belton claims Rodriguez was a high-roller that said he could exchange the chips for cash, which they could all split three ways.

"They're not going to get away. Ninety-nine percent of the time they're serial numbered, so the casino knows right where those chips are at all times, whether it is at the table or in someone's pocket," said Nick Kallos with the Casino Gaming School.

Anthony Carleo, known as the Bellagio Bandit, also did not get away with his attempted robbery. Wearing a motorcycle helmet and carrying a handgun, he tried to steal $1.5 million in chips. He was eventually caught and now serving time in state prison.

Metro says they are not releasing mugshots or any other details about the crime at this point because it could hurt their investigation to find the other two suspects.


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