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Man Arrested in Alleged Pepper Spray Casino Heist | News

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Man Arrested in Alleged Pepper Spray Casino Heist

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police have arrested a man for an alleged robbery at the Bellagio Casino that happened on Saturday night.

According to the police report, Michael Belton and another man walked up to a blackjack table and sprayed the people playing at the table with pepper spray. Belton then grabbed 23 $5,000 chips and tried to flee the scene.

He was apprehended by casino security and held until police arrived. The second man was able to escape.

While he was being interviewed, police say Belton identified the second person involved only as "Carlos," and that he only participated in the crime because he was unemployed and needed money to help his ailing grandparents.

Police retrieved a Mandalay Bay Hotel room key from Belton. When they went to the hotel, they found that the room was registered to Carlos Rodriguez. Belton told officers Rodriguez was the mastermind of the heist, but they were unable to find him. 

The report says Rodriguez planned to use the chips at the casino and then split the winnings among the suspects. Police say Carlos Rodriguez is not the same Carlos who allegedly accompanied Belton to the casino to commit the robbery.

Belton was arrested and charged with robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, and burglary. 

Las Vegas police have refused to comment on this story or release Belton's mugshot, citing the ongoing investigation.


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