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Arrest Report: Hilton Denied Purse was Hers

LAS VEGAS -- An arrest report says Paris Hilton denied owning the purse in which police say they found less than a gram of cocaine after a traffic stop.

A police lieutenant says in the report obtained Monday by The Associated Press that the 29-year-old celebrity socialite acknowledged owning lip balm and an asthma medication also found in the purse late Friday when she was pulled over on the Las Vegas Strip.

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But she denied the cocaine and purse were hers. Hilton's facing a felony drug charge. Her lawyer says he's not commenting now, but plans to challenge the arrest in court.

Hilton's boyfriend, 34-year-old Las Vegas nightclub mogul Cy Waits, also was arrested. He's facing a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Shooting in Southeast Park Sends 3 Teens to Hospital

LAS VEGAS -- Authorities say three teenagers were wounded and a gunman was being sought after a shooting at a park in southeast Las Vegas.

Police say one of the wounded people was in serious condition at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Two were being treated for injuries that aren't believed to be life-threatening.

Officials say gunfire erupted about 10 p.m. Tuesday outside the Winchester Community Center. A witness tells KLAS-TV that people scattered after at least five shots were fired near the basketball courts at the park near McLeod Drive and Desert Inn Road. The shooter ran away. Investigators say the confrontation may have been gang-related.




Reports Detail Alleged Crimes of Raided Businesses

LAS VEGAS -- Three reflexology businesses were raided Wednesday, accused of using the possibility of sex as a scam.

One day after one of those business owners defended his store, Las Vegas police released the undercover accounts of what went on inside.

The arrest warrants don't allege any prostitution happened inside the three massage businesses. Instead, customers were allegedly brought in by taxi cab drivers getting kickbacks. The massage business would keep enticing men to pay more money for "extra services" until they were thrown out the doors and allegedly attacked by bouncers.

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Metro arrested 20 people Wednesday morning at Entyce, Club Exclusive II and Sensations after a seven month undercover investigation.

Owner Speaks Out After Vice Bust

LAS VEGAS -- Local business owners busted for allegedly promising sex and not delivering are speaking out. Twenty people were arrested Wednesday on charges ranging from racketeering to fraud.

Police say the businesses gave customers the illusion they could pay for sex, but after they handed over hundreds of dollars, customers got nothing. Owners are denying those allegations.

Entycye owner John Sorget just got out of jail Thursday morning after he was picked up by Las Vegas police investigators outside of his business. While police say his business, and two others, were defrauding customers. He says they always acted within the law.

SLIDESHOW: Inside the Vice Bust

Sorget wants to get out his side of the story. He was arrested at gunpoint after he arrived at his business.

SWAT Team and Vice Detectives Raid Businesses

LAS VEGAS -- As the sun was coming up Wednesday morning, Las Vegas Metro's SWAT Team targeted three businesses police believe are scamming customers out of money, using sex as a selling point.

Investigators say Club Exclusive II, Entyce and Sensations are all running the same scam -- employees are fooling customers into thinking they can pay for sex.

"Certainly, the illusion of what they're going to get when they get here is no mistake, otherwise we wouldn't have hundreds of men coming to these establishments and leaving disgruntled that they didn't get what they thought they were coming here for," said Metro Vice Lt. Karen Hughes.

SLIDESHOW: Inside the Police Raids

Baby Dies After Disrupted Catheter Incident

LAS VEGAS -- Sunrise Children's Hospital has confirmed that a newborn child has died after a disrupted catheter line. The child died on July 22nd.

An investigation by Las Vegas police showed that there had been 14 cases of disrupted catheters at the hospital since February. As a result, two nurses, Sharon Ochoa-Reyes and Jessica Rice, have had their nursing licenses suspended.

Catheters are used as a means to draw blood or deliver medication or nutrition to the child.

Read Statement from Sunrise Children's Hospital

The newborn was one of two infants who experienced problems. The other infant has been discharged from the hospital. The Clark County Coroner has still not determined the cause of death.

I-Team: Taxicab Authority, Companies Try to Curb Long Hauling

LAS VEGAS -- The I-Team has been exposing long hauling for years and finally the Taxicab Authority brought the power players into one room to stop it.

Everyone wants to stop the long haul from the airport, but they don't know how to do it. Cab companies want to police themselves and the TA wants new fares, fees and penalties to keep a $13 ride from becoming twice as much.

The TA found more than 90-percent of all long hauling complaints started at the airport with people being taken the long way through the tunnel to the Strip. So Wednesday's workshop was to bounce ideas around and get feedback about a flat fee system of $20 to hotel locations in a six-mile ring around the airport.

The cab companies fear this could actually make cheaper drives to places like the Hard Rock more expensive. They also think big events can clog the city and a flat fee would hurt profit margins.