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Strip Performers Give Back to the Community

Strip Performers Give Back to the Community

A Las Vegas charity received some help from performers on the Las Vegas Strip.

Recycled Percussion dropped off a check Thursday at the Shade Tree shelter for $3,100. The performers, who first got their start on "America's Got Talent," often donate time and money to southern Nevada's homeless shelters.

The Shade Tree provides shelter for women and children who are homeless or looking to leave a domestic violence situation.

"Here we are, we get to play on the Las Vegas strip every day for fans and get to live our dream, but every time you drive home, you see someone on the side of the road that just looking for a place to stay or some shelter, and it really hits home," leader of the group Justin Spencer said.

Recycled Percussion performs at The Quad. They're known for making music using everything from trash cans to power tools.