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Slightly more than 4,000 apply to victims crime fund |

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Slightly more than 4,000 apply to victims crime fund

There's a pool of money provided by the state for the victims of the mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip on Oct. 1.

But even though more than 22,000 people attended the Route 91 show, very few have tried to take advantage of those funds.

We've all experienced the labyrinth of healthcare, insurance claims and reimbursement.

Nevada has tried to do its part to make it easier for 1 October victims to get reimbursed for their suffering, but it hasn't been easy.

What is it like to be a victim?

Christine Caria who was trampled at the concert is still finding out.

"Last night, I got a really good night's sleep. But the previous three weeks, I hadn't," Caria said. "A lot of it has to do with sleep and nightmares and triggers."

Since the shooting, she's become an advocate for fellow victims. But she's also navigated her own path through the maze of counseling, healthcare and insurance claims.

"To get lost wages was really difficult. I got denied three times."

Nevada's Victims of Crime program says it has received more than 4,000 claims for financial help. Caria filed one of them.

There is $11 million available from the state. Those impacted by 1 October have a year to apply and they're encouraged to save items from the concert. All to make claims easier to process.

Caria says easy isn't the word she would use.

"Other independent contractors have been denied, even though they have doctors notes. And there's been no rhyme or help for that," she said.

Nevada officials have been inundated with claims.

They weren't able to say how much has been paid out, so far, but Caria says other victims have been frustrated.

"We call it survivor brain. You just can't function. You don't know how to get the resources for counseling," Caria said. "I don't think that it's victims of crime issue. It's because this should be a national problem. It's just way too big."

Again, the state is encouraging anyone who was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival to apply for help. For a complete list of what the state is offering click here.

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