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More survivors will qualify for Las Vegas Victims' Fund |

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More survivors will qualify for Las Vegas Victims' Fund

More of the survivors from the 1 October shooting will benefit from the Las Vegas Victims' Fund as donations have reached $22 million.

The committee in charge of the money has released a final version of the protocol specifying who qualifies and who doesn't.

"I'm very pleased," said Gary Wise, shooting survivor. "We kinda felt left out."

Under the draft protocol for the Las Vegas Victims' Fund, Wise wouldn't have qualified. Under the final version, he does.

"It's going to make things a little it easier as I have not been able to work since the event," he said.

Wise was treated for a gunshot wound and released the same night. He is among more than 500 victims injured during the mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip.

"They knew my injury, where I was shot, it didn't hit an artery or anything so it wasn't life threatening," Wise said.

But Wise still requires medical treatment as bullet fragments remain in his body.

The Las Vegas Victims' Fund committee is expanding the protocol to include all victims who were treated for physical injuries as long as they were seen by a doctor by Oct. 10.

The draft only included those with serious wounds that required at least one overnight stay at a hospital within 48 hours of the shooting.

"We heard very compelling stories from people who had been shot or physically injured one way or another who were not hospitalized," said Scott Nielson, chairman, Las Vegas Victims' Fund. "They said, they should be included in the distributions from the fund."

Priority will be given to the families of the 58 victims killed and those who were seriously injured, followed by survivors.

"It's going to be able to help us cause I don't have insurance and without having a job now, it's definitely going to help a lot," Wise said.

The application is expected to be available by the end of the year. Claims can be filed between Jan. 2 - 31.

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