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Lawyers want access to Las Vegas shooting site next week |

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Lawyers want access to Las Vegas shooting site next week

Attorneys suing MGM Resorts say they expect to inspect the festival grounds for the first time, next week.

That would allow equipment still on the grounds to finally be released as well. Some of the gear used for the country music festival has been removed. But food trucks and some tents are still inside.

Before they could go anywhere, police had to investigate. Now they're done and it's lawyers who will go over the site next.

It's still obvious at the site, there was a show. The concert stage stretches into the sky. Signs and banners for the Route 91 Harvest Festival linger over the remaining food trucks and trailers.

Aside from police, no one has been inside, but that's expected to change next week.

"As soon as a judge says we can go, we're going," said Craig Eiland, plaintiff's attorney.

He is one of the attorneys representing shooting victim Rachel Sheppard. They're suing MGM Resorts International.

Both parties were in court last week, as Sheppard's attorneys fought for, and won a court order. It forces MGM to save items attached to the tragedy. Videos, room card use, chairs, carpets, everything.

Eiland says the sides have agreed to make that permanent.

It also allows Sheppard's lawyers access to the festival site and the shooter's room.

"We want a chance to go into the room and the hallway before they are sanitized and cleaned up and put back in order," Eiland said.

MGM has already said it has no plans to rent the room again. The company did not respond to requests for comment.

The parties will be in court again Monday.

That's when a judge is expected to approve plans for Eiland and his team to go to the concert venue, likely next week.

It's work that will take a day. After that, Eiland says the grounds can finally be cleared.

"The vendors want to come and get it right now. So, hopefully next week the vendors will be able to come in and start tearing it down," he said.

Eiland says his team now represents 50 clients. He hopes to go inside the shooter's room in two weeks.

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