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Festival-goers allowed to pick up vehicles; must show ID |

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Festival-goers allowed to pick up vehicles; must show ID

It could be four to five days before festival-goers can pick up their personal belongings from the area near Mandalay Bay that has turned into a crime scene. However, on Wednesday, many patrons were allowed to pick up their cars.

Koval Lane and Reno Avenues is the location Metro Police has asked people to go to meet them to recover their vehicles.

Metro says vehicle owners will only be able to retrieve their property if they have an ID, This is so Metro Police can verify that they're they're the rightful owners.

There's been a shuttle for those who don't have an extra vehicle, but many people who are from out of town said they used Uber and Lyft.

Most of the people were still visibly shaken up by the ordeal. According to some of them, there are still signs of the carnage from Sunday's mass shooting.

When one man picked up his car, he realized a bullet ricochet off of his back bumper.

"It's emotional," said Steve Charshafian. "I came yesterday to get my car because we couldn't get it and I was over where they were triaging people, and there's maybe still some blood and that; it's just kind of tough."

Norma Jimenez of southern California said she was just desperate to drive home.

"I don't want to be here anymore," Jimenez said. "I need to get that gunshot out of my head. I need to go home. I need to be with my mom. I just need to try to go on. This is horrible. I just, I don't understand."

Mostly everyone 8 News NOW spoke with has heart-wrenching story and a vivid memory of the tragedy that unfolded before their eyes.

No word on the number of cars that still have to be picked up.

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