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Caesars debuts interactive game to attract millennials |

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Caesars debuts interactive game to attract millennials

Keeping up with the evolving world of gambling, Caesars Entertainment debuted an interactive game in hopes of attracting more of the millennial audience.

Orlando Machuca tried out the new skill-based table game. There isn't a dealer, and there's always a winner. Sounds like a pretty cool game right?

I keep winning," said Machuca. "I generally don't win."

Caesars Entertainment is showing off three new tables with two interactive video games. The machines have a new home inside Planet Hollywood's main casino.

"We're the very first in all of the world to introduce these games, and we think about the way our company has tried to push the boundaries on being innovative on the casino floor," said Ryan Hammer, General Manager, Caesars Entertainment.

Both games can be played by two to four players, and each bet is $2. One of the games is poker, but with a twist.

"The wheel is spinning now," Hammer said as he demonstrated how the game works. "It's going to tell us how much Nathan and Dominique are playing for."

The point of the game is to grab the best cards, but the player has to be quick. Any player can grab the cards from the pot as they pop up, and the game only last 45 seconds.

"Time's running out," Hammer said playing the game. "We've got five seconds left to grab these cards."

The second game is more like blackjack, but the goal is not always to get 21. Again, a wheel spin will determine the winning price amount.

"Then they're going to be a target number, and that number might be 15 or 20 or 30 or 12, then we're gonna try and grab three cards to make that amount," Hammer said.

The blackjack game also moves fast.

"So the baby boomers and all those folks are obviously a core part of what we do here but we always have to think about product for the younger folks; anybody who's above 21 years old of course and things they're interested in," Hammer said.

The interactive video games will soon be available at other Caesars properties including, the Linq, Caesars Palace and Paris.

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