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Report: Accused Strip shooter claims to have heard voices before shooting |

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Report: Accused Strip shooter claims to have heard voices before shooting

The man accused of shooting and killing a man on the Las Vegas Strip Saturday morning thought one of the victim's said something to him before the shooting, according to an arrest report released Monday afternoon.

Roland Cardenas, 55, was arrested in the incident that left one man dead, and another one injured. The victims in the shooting, Gary Breitling and Jason Ellis didn't even know Cardenas, Metro said.

The shooting on a double decker bus in front of the Cosmopolitan also shut down shut down Las Vegas Boulevard from Flamingo Road to Harmon Avenue for several hours Saturday because after the shooting Cardenas barricaded himself on the bus.

Metro Police called in SWAT to assist them with the negotiations. SWAT deployed a robot onto the bus, and it found Cardenas on the second level of the double-decker bus, but when he saw it, Cardenas picked it up and threw it off the bus, the report said.

The report said, Cardenas then shot his gun two more times before cutting all communication with Metro Police. Metro was able to reconnect with Cardenas, and that's when he threw his weapon off the bus and surrendered to officers. Cardenas was taken into custody around 2:45 p.m.

Officers interviewed Cardenas about the events of the day, and the 55-year-old man told police it intimidated him when a man with a large statue and two women sat next to him on the bus.

According to the report, Cardenas said he heard the man say, "I'm going to kick your ass," so he pulled the gun out of the backpack and pointed it at them.

Cardenas told officers he was holding the gun down toward the ground when he shot off some rounds. The report said Cardenas told detectives he only wanted to scare the man, not kill him.

However, Breitling was killed, and Ellis was injured.

Metro Police said video on the bus showed Breitling about to exit the bus with his wife, and Ellis was getting up to leave as well when Cardenas pulled out a gun and shot them. According to the report, the men didn't do anything to provoke the shooting.

The first round struck the wall surrounding the stairwell before hitting Breitling in the chest, and the second round hit the wall as well before hitting Ellis in the torso.

Cardenas faces the following charges:

Murder with deadly weapon

Attempted murder with deadly weapon

Burglary with Firearm

Discharge of Firearm within vehicle

The report reveals that Cardenas had been unemployed for about three years, and had recently become homeless.

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