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Valley businesses strive to follow COVID-19 guidelines as enforcement ramps up |

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Valley businesses strive to follow COVID-19 guidelines as enforcement ramps up

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As coronavirus case numbers continue to climb in Nevada, agencies are ramping up target enforcement at businesses across the Valley. The goal is to make sure all health and safety guidelines are being met.

Businesses all over town, including in the northwest, just want to stay open. They’re working hard to follow the rules, which include requiring face coverings.

Experts say target enforcement will help keep our coronavirus cases down.

“We’re doing everything possible,” said Ignazio Sessa, owner of Omelet House.

Sessa says he’s following every guideline to stop the spread of COVID-19. His northwest Valley eatery even has glass barriers to protect customers.

But his No. 1 goal? Enforcing the governor’s mask mandate.

“The masks, some people don’t like wearing wears, I get it, we have to wear them,” said Sessa. “We have to keep this spike down. We want to move forward, we want to do what’s best for Las Vegas.”

Face coverings are at the center of target enforcement across the Valley. The City of Las Vegas now has 100 compliance ambassadors to help educate businesses about the rules.

An image of a Nevada flag face covering. (Photo: Eagle Promotions)

“The masks are such a big piece of that,” said Brian Labus, UNLV infectious disease expert.

Labus tells us while we are seeing a surge in cases, emphasizing enforcement of masks could reverse the trend.

“We’re about four weeks after when the official mandate went into place, and it took a little bit longer than that to get people to follow, so we should start seeing the effect of that mask mandate pretty soon.”

We also spoke with a spa about its safety measures.

“We go a little bit beyond that just to make sure,” said Lia Yulianti, owner of Belia Skin and Beauty Spa.

Spa staff wear face shields, in addition to masks. They also have a special COVID-19 certification, do temperature checks on all customers and require all employees to get tested.

“All of the spas should start doing that,” said Yulianti. “I think it would protect the client as much as it would our staff, as well.”

They’re exhausting every effort to combat COVID-19.

“We want to stay open. We have to stay open,” Sessa stated.

Experts tell us the coronavirus case numbers are hard to predict. But if everyone does their part to stop the spread and target enforcement continues, we should start to see things turn around.

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