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I-Team: Nevada Democrats give little detail about caucus ‘tool’ |

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I-Team: Nevada Democrats give little detail about caucus ‘tool’

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Early voting in the Nevada caucus starts in five days, and caucus day is just 12 days away. But still, after the problems in Iowa, it is unclear what system Nevada Democrats will use.

The I-Team has continued to investigate the situation and found out the state Democratic party will use a computer tool on iPads. While it sounds like an app, they party insisted it isn’t, causing confusion.

CBS News obtained a slide from caucus training over the weekend about the so called “tool” to be used. Previously, they paid Shadow Inc., the tech company that created the app which failed in Iowa’s caucus last week.

Nevada Democrats insisted they’re not using Shadow Inc. or an app, but we talked with a tech expert who disagrees.

“Oh, it’s 100 percent an app. It’s designed for the iPad. It is an application on a mobile device, so by definition, it is an app,” said Shannon Wilkinson, CEO of Tego Cyber Inc. “You can call it whatever you want, but it doesn’t change the technology that it is built on or how it runs.”

The I-Team requested an interview with a representative from the Nevada State Democratic Party today, which was not provided.

We are working to find out who created the tool, or ap, how much testing has been on it or when precinct captains will receive more direction about it.

8 News Now has not heard from Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy. Political insiders told us the party is not being transparent, is not communicating with campaigns about a new plan and seems to be disorganized.

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