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Las Vegas firefighters to hold 9/11 remembrance tribute |

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Las Vegas firefighters to hold 9/11 remembrance tribute

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A week from Wednesday, a longtime tradition known as the “Tolling of the Bells” will be used for the remembrance to all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

At 6:50 am — which was the approximate time of the South Tower collapse at the World Trade Center — a bell will be rung in front of Las Vegas Fire Station Five for the tribute. It will also be transmitted across Las Vegas Fire & Rescue’s communications channels.

Retired New York City firefight Frank Pizarro will also be on hand to sing the national anthem following the tribute. On 9/11, Pizarro was off duty when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. Then he, like many other off-duty firefighters, drove to their assigned fire stations to help.

When Pizarro’s crew got to the scene, the first tower had already fallen. He was nearby when the second tower fell, and retreated to a nearby parking garage, which saved their lives. He stayed on the scene for several days to help in the aftermath.

Now, the Las Vegas resident will be part of the tribute by singing the national anthem. Below is a video of him singing the national anthem during last year’s tribute:

A solemn tribute. Nearly 3,000 victims never returned home on #September11. @FDNY Firefighter Frank Pizarro was off that morning, but still reported for duty when the first plane hit. Pizarro now lives in Las Vegas – he’s singing the national anthem. #8NN @8NewsNow @LasVegasFD pic.twitter.com/I9Wz6CDKUM

— Hector Mejia (@hectormejianews) September 11, 2018

In addition to the ringing of the bells, a special U.S. flag that once flew over the World Trade Center will be hoisted to half-staff on the flagpole in front of Fire Station Five. This tradition has been done every year since 2004.

You are invited to join firefighters at any of the city fire stations during the tribute Wednesday morning.

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