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Valley event discusses Nevada’s steps towards clean energy |

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Valley event discusses Nevada’s steps towards clean energy

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A group gathered in the valley Thursday to celebrate the state’s steps toward going green with The Renew Nevada Coalition’s 2019 Clean Energy Scorecard. 

Legislative leaders boasted eight new laws Governor Steve Sisolak signed into law, calling them a surge forward. However, officials told 8 News Now this just marks the start of their long term efforts. 

“I just think it’s wonderful,” clean energy advocate Marcia Bollea said of the initiative. “I’m proud to say that I have a solar system for my home, so my average monthly bill is maybe 13 dollars.”

The laws center around residential solar power, funding for electric trucks and school buses, along with overall plans to shrink our area’s carbon footprint. 

“We went at every angle we possibly could because it’s important,” Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said of his role in the process. “I’m thrilled that the legislature took such an aggressive position. I was really excited to sign some of those bills.”

While Thursday’s crowded took the time to celebrate what they call a job well done, both leaders and community members said this is just the start of a serious shift towards a brighter, cleaner future. 

“There’s no reason that we can’t lead the world in solar energy, technology, jobs,” Bollea said. “My rooftop is generating electricity and then sending it out to the neighborhood, what I don’t use, so it’s a win.”

For more information on the latest “Clean Energy” initiatives, visit The Renew Nevada Coalition’s website.

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