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UNLV Targeting 20 Pricey Programs for Cuts | News

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UNLV Targeting 20 Pricey Programs for Cuts

LAS VEGAS -- UNLV has already had to cut 24 percent of its budget and now is must slice another 6.9 percent.  The likely target will be UNLV's 20 most expensive programs.

Those programs cost the university more than $36 million dollars.

UNLV says -- by law -- students who are currently in programs facing cuts will be able to complete their degree. 

The expensive programs include civil engineering, health, physics, finance, theatre and journalism. The concern is that by losing some key programs it could hurt UNLV's reputation.

Freshman Cory Bradley and other students are fighting for their education.

"It's really sad, education should be a primary thing in Nevada and it's not taken seriously," Bradley said. She is on scholarship but not sure if this campus is for her after learning key programs might be cut.

"Its really frustrating. I am an undeclared student and I haven't declared my major but the majors I was possibly looking at are up for being cut. It's difficult," she said.

Iani Batilov is a sophomore majoring in civil engineering.

"It would be sad that other students potentially can't have the similar experience that I have, that they have to move out of Vegas and not see that UNLV has a lot to offer them," said Batilov.

This program is one of the most costly, potentially making it one of the first ones to go.

"It makes us uneasy and it makes us frustrated that they are considering cutting this program based on that it's one of the most expensive programs at this university," said Batilov.

Executive Vice President and Provost Michael Bowers sent out an email to the deans of the 20 most expensive programs on campus. He says the cuts may make UNLV less appealing to students.


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