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The Transformation of the Las Vegas Strip | Gaming News

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The Transformation of the Las Vegas Strip
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LAS VEGAS -- Change is nothing new to Las Vegas or its famous Strip. But things have changed drastically from the days when cranes and heavy construction equipment dotted the skyline and there were great food deals at every casino.

UNLV has just released a new report that details the significant transformation that has taken place in the last 10 years.

"I enjoy the slots and I play Black Jack and Let It Ride," said Bernadette Bristol, a long-time Las Vegas visitor.

Bristol came to Las Vegas for the first time about 20 years ago. "Back then you could get a breakfast for $1.99 and get a good breakfast, or a buffet for $9.95. This is just our second day here, but the little that we've looked, I am not seeing things like before," said Bristol.

And there has been plenty of other changes over the last decade.

"The casino is less and less the driver of the revenues. Back in 1999 it was 48 percent, in 2009 is was only 38 percent. They are getting a lot more revenue from the rooms and from food and beverage so that's the biggest change," said David Schwartz, UNLV.

Schwartz is with UNLV's Center for Gaming Research which recently wrapped up a 10 year study looking at the Strip from 1999 to 2009.

The average number of employees at casinos has dropped and today's casinos have more high-tech items. "There's been a lot of automation with ticket-in ticket-out machines," said Schwartz.

Anthony Curtis has been in Las Vegas for 30 years. His company has published many books on the famous city. "The customers are concerned about losing the old Vegas. People who have been coming to Vegas for a long time are afraid that they are now being priced out and that the new Vegas is for the younger group who's coming in," said Curtis, The Las Vegas Advisor.

Change or no change, for now Bristol says Las Vegas still works for her. "I just love the atmosphere, the business, the lights everything about it."


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