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Sexual Assault Victim Recalls Attack from 1998 | Crime

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Sexual Assault Victim Recalls Attack from 1998

LAS VEGAS -- Twelve years after being kidnapped and sexually assaulted as a child, a Las Vegas teenager decides to share her amazing story that broke a cold case.

The young survivor is 17-years-old now but only recently recalled the details of her attack when she happened to drive by the house where it happened back in 1998. The home is behind St. Viator Catholic Church on Flamingo Rd. near Eastern Ave.

"As soon as I saw the gates, the garage, the side of the house, the rooftops, the rocks on the ground, I knew it. I knew that was it," she said.

The girl told police she was at a playground in the summer of 1998 when a man lured her into his car and sexually assaulted her. The teen said she was then taken to a home and sexually assaulted again before she was released.

Police did take the teen back to the home to recount details. Based on her statements and DNA evidence that was taken from the girl at the time of the assault, police arrested Ivan Perez. 

Perez did live at the home on the church property in 1998. He was the church cook's boyfriend.

Now preferring to be called a survivor instead of a victim, the teen hopes she can encourage others.

"If there's anybody out there who has been touched and violated in the way that I have; it doesn't matter by who; it doesn't matter what they said to you, coming forward makes a big difference," she said. "It can help prevent it from... happening to somebody else's little boy or girl and just makes you that stronger of a person to come forward." 


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