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Runnin' Rebels Return to Las Vegas | Sports

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Runnin' Rebels Return to Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- It was a pretty quiet welcome home for the Runnin' Rebels, but the players will be the first say they have the best fans around.

One true Rebel supporter was on hand to make sure the team knew, win or lose they are loved.

"Rebel fans are true at heart. We love our guys. We love our coach. We look forward to next year but we need fans out from the beginning to really help these guys out," said Musiette McKinney.

As the team and all their supporters got off the bus, the long day of traveling and the previous night's loss had visibly taken its toll.

But the team was still standing proud and says just getting to the tournament was a big accomplishment. Many say even in the light of the loss and having to say goodbye to two of their seniors, they're still optimistic for next year.

"We have had terrific support. The Thomas and Mack crowds all year have been good and support in Oklahoma from fans were great and the players appreciate that and are energized by that," said Coach Lon Kruger.

Both the team and fans held their breath when Northern Iowa made that game wining three point shot. Players say they didn't think the ball would make it at first and had to fight hard with the time they had left to try and make it back up.

Fans called it a good game and are already planning to support the team right back to the big dance next year.


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