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Reports Detail Alleged Crimes of Raided Businesses | Crime

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Reports Detail Alleged Crimes of Raided Businesses

LAS VEGAS -- Three reflexology businesses were raided Wednesday, accused of using the possibility of sex as a scam.

One day after one of those business owners defended his store, Las Vegas police released the undercover accounts of what went on inside.

The arrest warrants don't allege any prostitution happened inside the three massage businesses. Instead, customers were allegedly brought in by taxi cab drivers getting kickbacks. The massage business would keep enticing men to pay more money for "extra services" until they were thrown out the doors and allegedly attacked by bouncers.

SLIDESHOW: Inside the Vice Raid

Metro arrested 20 people Wednesday morning at Entyce, Club Exclusive II and Sensations after a seven month undercover investigation.

Newly released reports accuse the women inside the three massage businesses of enticing men to pay up to $1,000 dollars for "VIP treatment."Detectives say women working there said the money was "for everything, implying sex."

Men working as bouncers are accused of battery when throwing customers out after they complained when they didn't get more for their money other than "five minute hand massage."

"Many of the victims didn't file reports. They were embarrassed, they went back home, they didn't want their friends or loved ones to know what they had done," said District Attorney David Roger.

Read the arrest reports against four suspects

Entyce club co-owner John Sorget defends his way of doing business. "Upselling is just like everywhere else. Anywhere you go, people are going to try to upgrade you for anything that they can. If you are trying to make any type of money for any business, why wouldn't you try to upsell them," he said.

One group dragged into the criminal case is dozens of taxi cab drivers from multiple companies.

"We do give kickbacks just like most places in town do," said Sorget.

Entyce says they upcharged their customers to pay the taxi cab kickbacks, not to scam customers expecting sex acts.

Detective reports detail they went undercover not only as customers, but as massage therapists as well. They counter the club's claims by stating the businesses accepted large sums of money for illegal sex acts they enticed customers with.

There are multiple tax cab drivers named in the report, but no arrests or penalties for alleged kickbacks yet. There are 20 defendants so far. Soon, there could be more.


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