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Putting the Brakes on the Stripper Mobile | News

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Putting the Brakes on the Stripper Mobile

The Stripper Mobile, which rolled down the Las Vegas Strip with live dancers in a see-through box, has run into a roadblock. The flashy ad gimmick may have backfired with Clark County leaders calling it a serious safety hazard and bringing it to a halt.

It appears the truck mobile has been grounded for good. After less than a month on the road, the peep show on wheels won't be hitting the Strip tonight.

And whether it turns you on or turns you off, one thing's for sure -- everyone on the Strip has an opinion about this latest version of the mobile billboard.

“It's good clean fun and our tourists are just enjoying it, taking pictures in front of it and sending them back home to say, ‘Hey, this is what's going on in Las Vegas,” said Andrea Brown with Deja Vu Love Boutique. “It's been very effective. It's brought more business into our clubs and our retail stores.”

No actual stripping happens inside the box and it only cruised the Strip between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., which is after curfew for kids.

But the exotic ad gimmick may have backfired by capturing too much attention. Steve Sisolak and some of his fellow county commissioners call it a dangerous distraction for drivers and pedestrians on the Strip. “What if a driver loses control of their vehicle jumps a curb and plows into a whole bunch of people,” he said.

Sisolak says an attorney for Deja Vu properties has agreed to ground the Stripper Mobile.

Besides a state law requiring motor vehicle occupants to buckle up, Sisolak says other local ordinances prohibit the use of flashing lights and digital messages on moving vehicles for the very same reason. They can distract drivers. “It was a tragedy waiting to happen and I'm glad it has been put to bed for now,” he said.

For now, the Stripper Mobile sits empty and grounded behind the Deja Vu Gentlemen's Club.


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