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Process Server Linked to Second Murder Case | Crime

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Process Server Linked to Second Murder Case

LAS VEGAS -- A process server who was arrested in the murder and attempted murder of a Las Vegas couple is now facing more charges.

Police say Gregory Hover will be charged with the kidnapping and murder of  21-year-old Prisma Contreras. Her burned body was found in her Jeep in a desert area near U.S. 95 and the Nelson Landing Road south of Boulder City on Jan. 15th. Contreras had been reported missing the day before. She was a waitress at Hooters Hotel and Casino.

Richard Freeman, who police say is an accomplice, is also facing charges.

Captain Randy Montandan with Metro said that these two men abducted Contreras from her from her place of employment, kept her for a substantial period of time, and subjected her to horrific events before strangling and stabbing her to death.

Hover was arrested last week on another case that involved the killing of an elderly man and the shooting of his wife. Police say Hover had gone to the couple's house to serve papers and returned later to rob and shoot them.

Police believe these two men may be responsible for a series of robberies across the valley. They are asking anyone who was victimized by them to contact police.

Contreras leaves behind a 4-year-old child.



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