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Owner Speaks Out After Vice Bust | Crime

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Owner Speaks Out After Vice Bust

LAS VEGAS -- Local business owners busted for allegedly promising sex and not delivering are speaking out. Twenty people were arrested Wednesday on charges ranging from racketeering to fraud.

Police say the businesses gave customers the illusion they could pay for sex, but after they handed over hundreds of dollars, customers got nothing. Owners are denying those allegations.

Entycye owner John Sorget just got out of jail Thursday morning after he was picked up by Las Vegas police investigators outside of his business. While police say his business, and two others, were defrauding customers. He says they always acted within the law.

SLIDESHOW: Inside the Vice Bust

Sorget wants to get out his side of the story. He was arrested at gunpoint after he arrived at his business.

"Just like anything else in Vegas, it is nothing more than the atmosphere. You can have anything you want. The girls can look however they want. People will pay for an atmosphere. It's just like a nightclub -- your $80 bottle of vodka cost you $650," he said.

Entyce, Club Exclusive II and Sensations were all handed search warrants Wednesday morning. Police say these alleged reflexology establishments were a front for a scheme that ripped off customers. Police say they would give clients the illusion you could pay for sex, but after money was handed over, they were forced to leave.

Sorget strongly denies these claims, saying the customers were told three times that prostitution was illegal. They even made customers sign a piece of paper stating it.

Sorget says his female workers are also not allowed to insinuate sexual activity. He says they run a licensed business which they say is operating legally.

"We can't say anything other than what we are 100-percent offering and what we are 100-percent doing. We can't mislead them in anyway. We can't verbally say anything that would make them think or indicate that they were going to get something more," said employee Jamie Spartley.

The 20 people arrested at the three different establishments included owners, female employees and security guards. However, Sorget says security guards are their PR guys and handle complaints.

Metro say more arrests could be coming. They say taxi-drivers are involved and got kick-backs from these businesses. Sorget admits he did give cab drivers kickbacks -- usually $180. Sorget also says there's a chance the taxi drivers were giving men the impressions sex was available.

Arrested in Wednesday's raids were:

  • Antoni Patalano, 32 of Las Vegas
  • Kristen Weisenberger, 21 of Las Vegas
  • Gia Jonette Davis, a.k.a. Gia Buford, 45 of Henderson
  • Jamie Seaton, 21 yoa of Las Vegas
  • Britani Lampkin, 23 of Henderson
  • Robert Elvis Dugan, 48 of Henderson
  • Roberta Gutierrez, 21 of Las Vegas
  • Deborah Jeanne Dugan, a.k.a Deborah Jeanne Gold, 45 of Las Vegas
  • Tracy Viton Ibarra, a.k.a. Tracy Pride, 28 of North Las Vegas
  • Catherine Stephanie Dale, 25 of Las Vegas
  • Alicia Marie Haskell, 19 of Las Vegas
  • Alicyn Marie Allred, 24 of North Las Vegas
  • Nathan J. Ellington, 33 of Las Vegas
  • Marie Desmine Valerio, 23 of Las Vegas
  • Anthony Hurtado, 30 of Santa Paula, California
  • Darver Jermaine Ballew, 37 of Las Vegas
  • Jessica Decker, 20 of Las Vegas
  • John Allen Sorget, 23 of Las Vegas
  • James Buford, 44 of Henderson
  • Leah Montes, 31 yoa of Las Vegas.

All those arrested face charges including conspiracy, racketeering, and various crimes relating to fraud and obtaining money under false pretenses.


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