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NHP Goes After Dangerous Drivers | Crime

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NHP Goes After Dangerous Drivers

LAS VEGAS -- Summer road trip season is here and that means more people hitting the road. The Nevada Highway Patrol says people traveling on I-15 and all around the valley need to know the dangers of driving near a big rig.

For a the next two days, the Badge on Board enforcement program is targeting drivers behaving badly.

The Nevada Highway Patrol is eyeing aggressive drivers from aboard a 48-foot flatbed semi-truck.

"You gotta keep checking the mirrors, watch traffic ahead of you, even keep track of the traffic behind you," said Bob Barton, commercial safety enforcement.

Once patrolmen in the cab witness a bad driver, a call is made to one of eight  troopers nearby who goes after the violating driver.

"If I'm going ahead or behind it and there's somebody that cuts a semi off, we'll make a stop on them," said Elmer Johnson, commercial enforcement trooper.

In Nevada, nearly 70 percent of crashes involving semi-trucks are not the driver's fault.

"A lot of truck drivers are good at what they do, sometimes they get put in situations where they can't stop that truck," said Johnson.

"You just don't stop 80,000 pounds in a short distance," said Sgt. Mike Branch, NHP. Troopers advise that drivers need to stay about a football field away from a truck to allow for appropriate observation, reaction and stopping time.

"It's really nerve racking trying to dodge all the traffic, stay in your lane," said Barton.

"With all the truck traffic out and people we have in town now driving around, it's getting to be a big problem," said Johnson.

Speeding, cutting off, or following too close will cost drivers big money, but the NHP says this enforcement may save your life.

If caught, drivers face a $190 ticket for each infraction. But in a construction zone, the fine and points on your driving record will double. So far this year, more than 1,500 tickets have been issued as part of the Badge on Board enforcement.


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