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Mother Testifies at Hearing in Deadly Ax Attack | Crime

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Mother Testifies at Hearing in Deadly Ax Attack

LAS VEGAS -- The woman who watched her baby die in a violent ax attack is speaking out for the first time. Sandra Lisset Castro testified during the preliminary hearing for accused killer Harold Montague on Monday.

Castro was pushing her four-month-old son, Damian, in a stroller on February 11, when she walked in front of Montague's home. That is when police say Montague ran out of the house and attacked Castro and her son with an ax.

Through tears and a translator, Castro recalled the events of that February afternoon. "I was begging him to please stop, to let me go, and he was mocking me," Castro testified. "Every time, he would hit me. He would laugh out loud… I was saying to him in English, 'Please, please, leave me alone.' But, he wouldn't listen to me… all I was thinking about was my baby."

Damian died before her eyes. Castro nearly died as well. During her testimony, she took off a white scarf to reveal her scars. Surgeons had to re-attach her face and jaw. When asked to identify her alleged attacker in court, Castro could barely look at Montague.

Prosecutors also questioned Montague's neighbor, Teresa Garner. They asked her to recall what she saw from her window. Garner cried on the stand. "I yelled at him," she said. "I said, 'Stop right now. I'm calling the police.' He looked up at me, and I could see pure evil in his eyes." Attorneys also played Garner's emotional 911 call in court.

Metro Police Officer David Cienega helped apprehend Montague. Cienega recounted something he says Montague told him after the attack. "The one last thing that I remember he said was, 'This was God's will,'" Cienega said.

Montague's attorney describes his client as delusional and paranoid. Montague says he has no memory of the attack. Montague is charged with murder, attempted murder, battery, and attempted murder on a police officer. He is also accused of stabbing his disabled sister-in-law prior to the ax attack. If convicted, he could face the death penalty. His preliminary hearing resumes Thursday.


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