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MGM CityCenter Unveiled with 'Sneak Peak' | Gaming News

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MGM CityCenter Unveiled with 'Sneak Peak'
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LAS VEGAS -- From I-15, you can see just how big CityCenter is. But when you are standing right next to the buildings, the only word to describe it is enormous.

MGM Mirage officials didn't allow cameras inside of the buildings, but 8 News Now Reporter Melissa Duran was taken inside the Aria resort. It's definitely a luxury resort with a modern feel.

MGM Mirage officials say they're right on track to open. “There's a lot of cleaning that has to be done -- construction. You build things that are new and fresh but usually there is a little dust left behind, so there's cleaning, some final landscaping both inside and outside. So we are down to the things that we ought to be down to at this point. It's going to be very exciting,” said Alan Feldman with MGM Mirage.

SLIDESHOW: Pictures of MGM CityCenter

The 1,500 suite Vdara will open first on December 1, 2009. Crystals retail and entertainment district is set to open on December 3rd. Once full, it will have 75 shops and restaurants. The Mandarin Oriental is set to open on December 4th. It's got a 23rd floor sky lobby where guests will check in. Finally, the Aria Resort and Casino is set to open on December 16th. This is the only building at CityCenter that has a casino.

Tourists are excited to check it out. “It's kind of breathtaking. When you are down at the ground and you look up at it, it makes you dizzy. It is beautiful, beautiful,” said Susan Jeude.

Other cool sites on the property include the Veer Towers, which are all condominiums. These buildings both lean 5 degrees in opposite directions.

Opening weekend at Vdara will cost you $169 a night and $179 at Aria The most expensive property, Mandarin Oriental, runs $345 a night.

There’s also a question of staffing. CityCenter is feeling the crunch to fill their 12,000 open positions. So far, they’ve filled about 10,000 positions. They're sending out offers on about 2,000 more jobs. Many who were hired are either already working or are about to start training.

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