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Las Vegas Men Sell New Poker Idea | Gaming News

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Las Vegas Men Sell New Poker Idea
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A Las Vegas man and his childhood friend says growing up in the valley helped them invent a new video poker game and strike a deal with slot maker IGT.

It's called Second Chance Royal Poker. It's like any other video poker game, except if you miss the royal flush by one card, you get a free second chance to draw that last card again.

Thirty-one-year-old Jeremy Zarowitz and his childhood friend invented the game. “W e would sneak out to the 7-11 when we were like 14 – 15-years-old until they kicked us out. People growing up in other places don't have that kind of exposure to video poker,” he said.

Zarowitz and his business partner Terry Gold grew up in Las Vegas and have been friends since they were toddlers. Gold says he came up with the idea for a different type of video poker game while watching his mom gamble. “She was known as the Queen Bee at quite a few different places where she'd play video poker. I'd go visit my mom and she'd be there and every time she was a one card off from a royal flush, I'd come up to the bar and she'd hit it or I'd hit it and miss it. I'd say, “I want to do it again,’” he said.

So at 14-years-old, Gold went to his best friend and told him he had an idea for an invention. “Probably eight or nine year later we were out and heard somebody playing video poker and yelling because they just missed the royal and it reminded him of the idea he had so many years ago. So we checked, no one had it patented and got the patent and took it to IGT and sold the rights,” he said.

In true Las Vegas fashion, the duo says they gambled and got lucky. Because of a confidentiality agreement, the inventors could not say how much they made from their deal with IGT. The slot machine will be licensed in January and could hit casinos early next year.

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