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Las Vegas Airport Liquor Store Stirs Debate | Business

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Las Vegas Airport Liquor Store Stirs Debate

LAS VEGAS -- Putting a liquor store inside McCarran International Airport is an idea most county leaders supported just a few months ago but now some commissioners are having second thoughts.

Clark County commissioners were expected Tuesday to decide which business would get the green light to start negotiations for a liquor store but after a few hours of discussion, commissioners voiced their doubts.

"I'm not certain what the benefit is and I know both parties do well outside of the airport in enterprising business and I'm starting to not feel it is as essential as I thought two or three days ago," said County Commissioner Susan Brager.

Some commissioners raised concerns about safety if bottled alcohol is sold at the airport. This change of heart comes months after the board told McCarran to seek out liquor businesses.

The two companies that put in proposals told the board the county would receive 15 percent of the gross revenue generated by the liquor store. One of the applicants said that would be about $500,000 a year. But some commissioners say there's no guarantee they liquor store would be successful. 

The board has decided to revisit the issue at their next meeting.



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