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I-Team: Gaming Expo Highlights Mobile Technology | Gaming News

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I-Team: Gaming Expo Highlights Mobile Technology
Gaming News

LAS VEGAS -- The G2E gaming conference is happening this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center and it is the showcase for new slot machines, gambling technology and mobile gaming.

America is behind the times, pure and simple. Right now, millions of people outside our borders can bet on a football or a futbol game right from their phone. They can play slots for real money from their netbook. It is illegal here, but some companies are preparing for a future where Las Vegas is always at your fingertip.

Beyond the incessant clanging and kaleidoscope of the modern casino, the goal now is to make the casino come to you.

"Everybody here is losing business if they don't have an online presence," said Aegir Saevarsson with Betware Iceland.

Saevarsson says gambling should go where you go.

"They like to play it online, they like it play it on their iPhones," he said.

People across the world are using laptops and phones to buy lottery tickets, bet sports, play poker, blackjack and slots with real money. But it's completely illegal in the U.S. American Gaming Association's Judy Patterson welcomes a change.

"There's traditionally been a reluctance to expand gaming in the United States and this is probably just another example of it," she said.

The U.S. House of Representatives is close to voting on exempting poker from the online gaming ban, but the window to do so is closing with only two weeks left in the session. That leaves companies locally in a tough spot. There's a thirst for gaming on the go. Slot makers want you to use their machines and entice you with free apps with fake money like a video game.

"Everything that the casino wants to market to you today that we can do here, we can now do on your mobile device," said Bryan Kelly with Bally Technologies.

Konami wants to use the apps for employees to track players and for players to track their winnings, even scanning vouchers on the floor. Gaming Analyst Bill Lerner says local casinos need to expand online, even if Americans are blocked.

"These are trusted gaming brands," he said.

That cache' means after that five day Vegas trip is done, money can still come to Nevada.

"I think the casino would be interested in having the rest of the 360 days where they play their online game," said Saevarsson.

A casino that's a phone is coming sooner than you think. Caesars Palace, for example, already has a bingo site and full gaming site to take bets. But if you log onto it anywhere in the U.S., you get redirected quickly to the main hotel site. It's illegal to take those bets here and it will likely stay that way.

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