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I-Team: Author Finds New Clues in Bugsy Siegel Murder | Crime

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I-Team: Author Finds New Clues in Bugsy Siegel Murder

LAS VEGAS -- You could call it the first major Las Vegas cold case, and perhaps the most famous. Who shot mob casino owner Bugsy Siegel? An author has been hunting clues from Las Vegas to Beverly Hills for years, and now there are new breaks in the case that shed light to a dark time six decades ago.

8 News NOW first told you about Warren Hull's amazing theory a little more than a year ago -- a down on his luck former soldier and socialite gets in with the wrong crowd and eventually gets picked to take Bugsy out.

Hull says evidence he has collected points to Bob MacDonald, a decorated war hero who turned to gambling with the mob after World War II. Right out of a film noir plot line, MacDonald eventually committed a murder-suicide with his wife just a mile away from the Siegel killing, with what is believed to be the same weapon.

Hull wove a believable tale of mob connections, police on the take and hidden secrets, where even the FBI questioned the motives of the key players. Now after looking through new evidence from the bureau, Hull says MacDonald likely had help.

"If you're going into that scenario, if you're going to go in and you're going to shoot somebody, you're going to want to make sure that if the shot's that difficult, if you're a lone gunman, who do you have to protect you," he said.

Hull continues to speak with the Beverly Hills Police about the case. The only problem is that true ballistics work was never done connecting the MacDonald murder-suicide to the rounds they took out of Siegel. That should have been simple police work at the time.

The police report of the crime has also been lost to history. Based on what Hull has found, he says it could be part of a mob-connected cover-up. Convenient evidence or the real solution at last from the murder in 1947? Hull keeps pushing for new answers.

He, along with a representative from the Las Vegas Mob Experience will be at the Clark County Library Tuesday night at 7 to talk about the murder of the man behind the Flamingo and modern Las Vegas.


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