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Gov. Gibbons and Perini Meet to Talk About CityCenter Debts | Business

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Gov. Gibbons and Perini Meet to Talk About CityCenter Debts

LAS VEGAS -- Governor Jim Gibbons took a rare step Friday to bring together local contractors, unions and construction companies who say they are owed hundreds of millions of dollars from the largest private project in North American history, CityCenter.

Gibbons wanted to hear from owners of Perini construction, the main firm in charge of the MGM-Mirage project.

Perini's Ron Tudor said before the meeting that the gaming company broke promises in the last six months of construction of the resort complex. Tudor said the public relations offensive and Governor-supported listening tour occurred because he "had simply got tired of excuses."

MGM-Mirage counters that Perini provided hundreds of thousands of bills and documents recently, creating a confusing amount of work to sift through that is not entirely accurate.

In a statement, MGM said, "In early May, Perini presented its "final" bill - 300,000 pages of disorganized, scattered, and incomplete documents in 140 banker's boxes. Cover sheets have a different amount billed than the supporting documentation below the cover.  The bills lack support or documentation but show that Perini is still billing CityCenter for "projections."  How can Perini or anyone else expect CityCenter to hand over a half billion dollars to Perini on this record?"

MGM-Mirage's main concern stems from construction defects and delays in the Harmon tower at CityCenter. The company believes Perini has not negotiated in good faith to resolve those mistakes.


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