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Experts Say Las Vegas Seeing Signs of a Tourism Recovery | News

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Experts Say Las Vegas Seeing Signs of a Tourism Recovery

LAS VEGAS -- Signs of an economic recovery are starting to look a little better, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. The group is projecting an increase in visitor numbers.

This weekend is all about March Madness, thousands expected to visit Las Vegas. Still, many are looking to the future and what they believe is a turn around for the economy.

No matter where they're from, visitors are pouring in for the big basketball weekend. May are planning to stay a while and spend big.

"My budget was about $2,500. We are going to spend three days," said Jeff Butler from Ohio.

The LVCVA believes Las Vegas is making headway in a recovery and is expecting a 3-percent increase of visitation over last year.

"The more visitors we can bring in, the more impact that's going to have on our local economy and should help improve the situation," said Rossi Ralenkotter, President of the LVCVA.

They aren't the only ones hoping for a bounce back. So is McCarran International, which remains a top airport in the country. Airport officials say despite balancing budgets and expenditures in a recession, they are still looking to the future.

"We're constructing new facilities for when the economy recovers and there is a demand to fill all those additionally hotel rooms," said Clark County Director of Aviation Randall Walker.

Many believe a turn is just around the corner, if not already here, with Las Vegas offering a lot to those visiting.

"I know there are some great deals on hotels. I know the time share that we have is much cheaper than it was before," said Mary McFarland from Kentucky.

The LVCVA says while there are several indicators a bounce back is happening, they also believe we are far from out of the woods. They say there is still plenty of work to be done to make a full recovery.


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