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County Commission Takes on Stripper Mobile | News

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County Commission Takes on Stripper Mobile

The controversial "Stripper Mobile" is gone from the Las Vegas Strip, but Clark County Commissioners want to make sure there's never another one like it.

Even though the owners of Li'l Darlings and Deja Vu gentleman's clubs have halted the mobile form of advertising, County Commissioner Steve Sisolak says finally having a defined law on the books, will close loopholes for any future copycats.

Commissioners say the biggest concern of all was the safety of the dancers as well as drivers and pedestrians.

Commissioners voted to change the code to say that “live entertainment” is not allowed while driving down the Strip. They also believed the "Stripper Mobile" should have been cited because they considered the girls animated.

Commissioners also questioned Metro police about why the strippers were not cited for not wearing seatbelts. Police said they didn’t know if they could cite the “Stripper Mobile” because of the way the code is currently worded.


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